Is it smart to try gamefly?

Video game libraryWe gamers spend quite a bit of cash on our hobby. On average, I buy maybe 10 new games each year, and that adds up to be around $500. Of course, then there are also the costs of game consoles, controllers, monthly subscriptions, etc. My best guess is that I spend upwards of $800 on gaming each year. I myself own both a Wii and Xbox, and I can tell you for a fact that the cost for me is even higher than the figure I just cited.

I never bothered to add up the costs but once I did, I began wondering if it would be better to join a service such as gamefly (incidentally, there is a gamefly free trial you can use if you are interested). As you probably already know, gamefly is that online service that allows you to rent unlimited games. The only cost to you is the monthly subscription price, which is currently $15.95 for one game out at a time, and $22.95 for two games out.

It’s an appealing proposition for sure, and I might just get the gamefly free trial from and check it out for a while. As I look at my shelf of games that I no longer play, but paid full price for, that $15.95 monthly membership fee doesn’t sound all that bad…

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Article by Peter

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