Tips for winning brochure design

If there is one place in your marketing where you shouldn’t go cheap, it’s in brochure design. A well-designed brochure will not only serve as a good marketing piece, but it will leave a definite impression on clients. You can convey a lot through your brochure design, so make sure you do the following things correctly.

menu printing1. Whitespace
Often times, the people who design the brochure pack way too much information. This not only makes the brochure difficult to read, but often tunes out the reader completely. Make sure you consult a competent graphic designer and use whitespace intelligently.

2. Typeface
Don’t get too cute with your brochure. When it comes to typeface, the emphasis should be on readability. For text, I like to stick to simple fonts. Elaborate fonts can be used sparingly for things like titles if you want to grab attention.

3. Printing
The quality of printing make a huge difference on how your brochure will be perceived. If you have the money, consider using varnish and special paper to make your brochure stand out. I also recommend you use a well-known printing company such as Overnight Prints or Vistaprint. You can work with these printers 100% online, and get good deals by using Overnight Prints Coupons, which you can get by going to

4. Color
Quite often, you may have restrictions on the colors you can use, as they will typically need to match the logo of the business you are designing a brochure for. Make sure the colors don’t clash. If you are not knowledgeable about color, get a good book on graphic design. There is a lot more to color than most people would imagine.

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